Alaska's Bears: Grizzlies, Black Bears, and Polar

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s. nicholas
July 16, 2000
A very nice introduction to the 3 species of bears in Alaska: polar, brown/grizzlie, and black. The book nicely describes each bear separately and has some really nice color photos. Migration/territorial patterns, future outlook of the bears, and best places to view the bears are all useful information. However, this is a very small book, only 94 pages, and one can't help wishing for more information. This is a 'pocket' guide, so if you are only looking for cursory information in the field, this will do fine, but if you already know a bit about bears, you might want to buy a more substantial book. This book is kind of a nice trailer for a movie, but not the actual movie.
Mark A. Symmonds
May 9, 2002
As the title suggests this is a "Pocket Guide", and contains mostly field information in a handy small book. In it you will find tidbits about each of the bears, their habitats, feeding patterns, and some information on how to observe them in the wild. All in all a very well done field guide.