The Encyclopedia of Civil Aircraft

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Cam Martin @xplanes
December 7, 1999
This material has been published before in multiple volumes. This 1999 updated version brings it all together in one cover. Approximately 125 aircraft are illustrated and described. Arranged in alphabetical order, these are mostly airliners with an occasional piece on Tiger Moths, Pitts Specials and Formula One racers to spice it up. It is very nicely done. The only suprise I found was that although the Douglas DC-2 is covered, the DC-3 / C-47 is not found anywhere.
November 1, 2003
This is a book that you can't quite read all the way through, unless you enjoy encyclopedias. It is one of the best books I own on civil aircraft though. It tells you everything about the aircraft your looking up, from who designed it to why it was created. It has great pictures, awesome cutaways, and plenty of technical and historical information. This is truely a great book on civil aircraft!
J. Lilley
November 21, 2002
I bought this for my son, and he loves it. The pictures, descriptions, and history impart a wonderful "wow" factor for any child. I recommend it for any science-and-technology minded kid (and some adults too). It seems good for ages about 8-12.